Exhibitions 2021/2022

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An Exhibition of the work of John Maclauchlan Milne


at the Roseangle Gallery, Dundee

Sat 25th June – Sat 23rd July, 2022

10am—4pm (except Mondays)

This will be the largest exhibition of Maclauchlan Milne’s work ever held in Scotland, featuring 40—45 paintings borrowed from private collections, mostly in Dundee and the surrounding area.

The exhibition has been organised by Dundee Art Society member Alan Lawson, whose grandparents were friendly with the artist in the 1910s / 20s / 30s;  they went on many Highland holidays together, resulting in some of the paintings shown here.

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Summer Exhibition 2022, June 4-11


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Winter Exhibition 2021, December 4-11

Winter Exhibition 2021

Summer Exhibition 2021, June 5 -12

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