Exhibitions 2020/2021

Entry forms and conditions for our Winter Exhibtion 2021 are availble here:

DAS Winter 2021 Entry Form

DAS Wnter 2021 Craft Entry (1)

DAS winter exhibition conditions

Summer Exhibition 5 – 12 June 2021 Gallery open between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Summer Exhibition 2021

Winter Exhibition 21st November – 28th November 2020 Gallery open between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

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Winter Exhibition 2020

The prize-winners

Jean Craig Cup ( best in show).

Snow in the Angus Glen,

Fiona Haddow,  Acrylic medium.

“This atmospheric landscape of an Angus glen is captured on canvas using a wonderful close harmony of colour through the greys, blues, lavenders and earth shades and tones . The ease of the brush marks give a movement within the sky and foreground which captures this Scottish landscape perfectly. The painting is full of confidence and creativity in its technical use of the Acrylic medium , and shows the joy of painting landscape that comes from within the artist.”

Harry Vaughan Cup, Dundee theme.

Dundee City Centre

Graham Wands, Watercolour.

“Watercolour is one of the most difficult art mediums to master with all of its beautiful, but often unexpected results. In this painting , Graham shows his attention to the draftsmanship of the subject of the city buildings of Dundee so that the viewer recognises the composition immediately. In addition to this skill he shows the creativity of allowing the watercolour to bring out the light in the distance while capturing both the darks and the intense colour in the middle to foreground. This gives the wonderful atmosphere shown throughout the entire painting.”

Lockdown prize. 2020

Lost Summer of 2020

Umlungu, Mixed medium.

“This large and impressive mixed medium painting shows an abstract interpretation of colour, texture and a wonderful confidence of varied brush work. Umlungu’s colours are vibrant and include the entire spectrum. The large composition allows the viewer to see the exciting large confident brush strokes as well as the delicacy of fine lines which are scratched into the paint itself. It is a piece of inspirational work of colour for the year in which it has been painted and is my choice for this ” lock down” award.”